TEWER is one of the most qualified companies worldwide in technology development for CSP solar fields, both Central Tower and Parabolic Trough. The experience gained by our engineers in the development of collectors and heliostats for some of the most prestigious clients in the industry, and their background in the manufacture and assembly of some of the most important projects of both technologies, set up a group of highly qualified professionals to meet the challenges that the sector demand in the solar field for the future.

ACCIONA Industrial


ACCIONA Industrial is a specialist in high-tech EPC/turnkey projects. It carries out its activities along five lines of business: thermal power generation, hydroelectric and photovoltaic power generation, Oil & Gas, transmission grids and substations, and facilities. ACCIONA Industrial has the ability to carry out each stage of these projects: basic and detailed engineering, procurement, construction, assembly, launch, operation and maintenance.



Aalborg CSP is a leading developer and supplier of in¬novative renewable technologies aiming to change the way energy is produced today. Relying on extensive experience from some of the most efficient concen¬trated solar power (CSP) projects around the world, the company designs and delivers green technolo¬gies and integrated energy systems to lower the cost of energy for industries and power plants worldwide. Our main business areas focus on delivering solu¬tions that utilize our 30 years of thermal engineer¬ing experience. The history of Aalborg CSP is rooted in the development of traditional power boilers. Applying general boiler principles to the solar indus¬try positioned us among globally leading steam generator suppliers within the CSP power plant seg¬ment.



METSOLAR is a European custom-made solar modules manufacturing company, also providing full energy solution for integration to various applications – from solar lighting, urban furniture, BIPV to energy solutions for smart cities. Working side by side with research institute in photovoltaics - METSOLAR constantly innovates to deliver latest photovoltaics technologies to custom module production and to adapt to changing needs of solar market. METSOLAR seeks to be both - custom solar solution manufacturing and development partner for companies working in lighting, furniture, BIPV and more.



The Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies (PROTECH) is a non-profit research institute established as an industrial research centre and the leading photovoltaics competence centre in Lithuania. The main expertise of PROTECH is in silicon solar photovoltaics technologies (including production and testing of solar cells and modules), energy efficient buildings and environment-friendly materials. Considerable focus on industrial-level research and technology development makes PROTECH a trusted and recognized R&D provider for Lithuanian and EU partners.