R&D Solution for Central Tower CSP Technology


The Photon - High Performance Thermosolar Plants based on PV-Hybrid Autonomous Heliostats and Tailored Receivers. The project aims to obtain a new solar plant configuration that provides energy that can be managed efficiently for a nominal power between 50 and 150 MWh.

A new generation of solar tower technologies will be developed including autonomous Heliostats, optimized tailored receiver and customized high efficiency power block.


The expected results are:

Panel Solar

Development of new generation of smart, spherically curved sandwich, facets. Furthermore, the facet’s high optical quality is independent of temperature variations.

Completely autonomous PV powered heliostats, wireless communication eliminates the need for foundations, trenches, and wiring.

Implementation of specifically developed sensors and algorithms allow for the smart heliostats initialization and calibration automatically. Moreover, heliostats will be able to correct itself dynamically along their useful life.

High heliostat optical quality reduces energy losses by spillage, allows for a better energy distribution on the receiver, and makes possible new and more efficient solar field layouts.

Development of a new optimized receiver designed specifically for the solar field to improve its efficiency for plants with a nominal power between 50 and 150 MWh.

Improvement of the complete solar plant with the joint design of: solar field, receiver, and BOP. CSP plant optimal configurations for a wide range of powers.

On this basis, complex detailed analysis will be carried out to obtain the key design variables (identifying constraints and break points).